Manifesting Tips for House Selling Fast

There are many simple steps you can take which can energetically play a huge part in helping you sell your house fast and effortlessly. But before we get to these firstly we need to look at the energetic concepts that are at play here.

Just like when we go to the store to buy our groceries, it always speeds things up if we have a shopping list and a clear idea of what we want for supper, right? Otherwise we can wander around like a headless chicken and come out with nothing, or chocolate cake that was forbidden! Well, would you believe it’s exactly the same with manifesting and applying the laws of attraction. The clearer we are about what it is we desire, what we want in our lives then the easier it is for us to deliver our order to ‘the catalogue of the universe’ and the quicker and more effortlessly the universe will deliver it to us. This is the first step in manifesting - Get really clear on what it is you want.

Have you ever noticed that something magical seems to happen when we get really clear about what we want in life and take a step towards it? Whether this is to do with a new job, moving house, getting fitter, or being more respected in our relationships - it’s as if there is a power that gets released when we’ve fully committed and made our minds up about something we want. W H Murray says it better than me in this quote below;

  "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:
  "Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”   
William Hutchinson Murray (1913-1996), from his 1951 book entitled The Scottish Himalayan Expedition

This same providence happened to me and my husband in regards to our process of emigrating to Canada in 2001. The moment we really got certain we wanted to give emigrating a go, and made the joint commitment to go for it, the doors flew open and we literally whizzed through the process. We heard we were to attend an interview at Canada House in London in two weeks time and before that time was up we decided to put our house up for sale and it sold in two days!

The next step in manifesting is to root out any unwanted old limiting beliefs, blockages and fears around allowing in what we desire in life. We have to be in a space of allowing in that which we want. Otherwise it’s a bit like imagining God’s little helpers up there in heaven receiving your request for a new bigger home and they get busy working on all the details and ship it out to you, only for you to then come up with a very good reason why you don’t deserve the new big house and you know what happens next! Yep, god’s little helpers put your request on ‘hold’ or worse still they recall the new house and give you what you have now asked for instead - more time spent in your house that you wish was bigger but believe you don’t deserve!

If we have some sort of self-sabotaging belief lurking in the shadows of our subconscious this will undoubtedly prevent things from flowing as effortlessly as they otherwise would. If things in life are not shifting along in the direction you would like them to, then guarantee you have some silent saboteurs that need rooting out. Take us for example, back to our emigrating story where we’d sold the house and heard we had been accepted into Canada and we’d had our medicals and been given the all clear. We were packed and all ready to go. All we were waiting for now was our visas to come through the post……and time went by, and a few weeks went by and we were starting to get really concerned. Each day we’d check the post and still no visas, until one morning I got it! Light bulb went off as I was heading down the stairs to collect the post I’d heard just land on the mat (we have letter boxes in England remember!) as I realized in my mind’s eye I was seeing the visas NOT there, and I was in fear and resistance. I ran back upstairs to tell my husband what had dawned on me and we both sat in bed ‘seeing’ and imagining the visas coming through the letter box feeling our relief and excitement and an amazing thing happened! We heard the letter box go again! We both looked at each other as we knew we only get one post delivery a day normally…what could it be? Yes, you guessed it ~ it was a letter from the post office telling us we had a parcel to collect and sign for at the depot, and it was indeed our visas! For me this was a clear lesson on the power of uncovering and rooting out those silent saboteurs to get things flowing creatively. 

Additionally, if your decision to move house is based on you hating things about your home, this alone will be pulling your energy down and will be giving you more of what you don’t want ~ a home you hate. Oppositely if you absolutely love your house but have to move due to unforeseen circumstances such as work or to be nearer to family you most likely will have a huge energetic attachment to your home, which may make it hard for you to let go energetically. This may be unconsciously blocking you from attracting a buyer. From an energetic point of view neither of these scenarios will be creating the space for the new to flow into your life, both in terms of manifesting a buyer for your home and finding a new home that could nourish you in new, and even better ways. So often before a new door opens the old one has to close fully.

So how does all this apply to selling your house? In my experience, most of the problems people have in not selling their houses come from issues relating to all of the above. It may be useful to ponder some of the questions below ~ they may help you get some clarity on what may be causing you to be energetically holding onto your home, or unconsciously resisting it selling in some way. When our energy is really clear in terms of what we want in life, when any fears, or blocks & limitations, or old beliefs have been cleared out then things tend to move effortlessly as if my magic. Only when we are really clear on what we’d like the universe to deliver and have removed any inner obstacles can things start to happen. And fast! 

  1. Is there some unresolved issue you still have with another family member about selling up? Maybe you want to sell but your partner, or children don’t want to go? Or vice versa? If this is the case, then anyone coming to look at your house will energetically get this on an unconscious level. They may not know it but it will filter down to them on some level that this house isn’t available. It’s so important when its joint energies involved that everyone is on the same page. Its one of the key components of why my own house sales have gone so smoothly, each time both myself and my husband were like minded in terms of being completely decided it was time to move on and sell up.

  2. Do you have lots of happy memories of your home that you are on some level resisting letting go of? A lovely solution to this which will help get you to a place of feeling able to let go of the past and move on, is to create a scrap book, take photos of all your favorite parts of your house, and the garden. You can journal about all the memories, honoring the passages that happened in your home and give thanks to it for holding you so beautifully throughout it all. You can even write a letter to the spirit of your home (and all homes have one, if you sit still for a while in your home and think about this you’ll soon find you come up with a personality for it) giving thanks to it for all its given you and express your sadness at having to say goodbye. You can bury this letter somewhere in the garden or burn it sacredly with intent. It’s very important you do not however leave the letter in the house hidden somewhere as this could influence the next owners in terms of them never feeling they could ever settle properly and such like. Also a lovely exercise I was taught and use all the time when I move on from a place is how to take all your memories with you. It’s not done until moving day as the very last thing you do before leaving your house for the last time (so is done with the house empty of all your belongings usually). Go into every room one at a time and with gratitude and intent open your arms out wide and sweep around in clockwise circles slowly gathering up all the good times, the memories you want to take with you. Then bring your hands to your heart, imagining pouring all the memories you have swept up into your heart centre where they can be kept safe and can be taken with you always. You will know when this is complete; I feel a sense of healthy detachment and am ready to leave the old house with gratitude and much less sadness when all the old memories have been fully gathered. For me knowing ahead of time that I was going to be able to take all my happy memories with me in my heart really helped me to let go when we were at the listing and showing stages. 

  3. What fears or limiting beliefs do you have around selling your house? Some of these could be:
    • I don’t deserve the house of my dreams
    • I don’t deserve more abundance in my life
    • I don’t believe I’ll ever find the perfect house
    • I am fearful the house will never sell
    Things you can do to shift the energy:
    • Most importantly, make sure you flush out any fears and limiting beliefs you have around selling your house by using EFT. Alternatively contact a Journey Practitioner who can guide you through a specific belief change process which is gentle yet profoundly powerful in releasing old beliefs and replacing them with new abundant ones.
    • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards your house (this creates a vibration of gratitude and will attract more for you to feel grateful for, like a buyer for your house as people viewing your house will pick up on this and feel the happy vibe) 
    • Space clear all your clutter (use this as an opportunity to clear out all that old junk you’ve been hoarding for years, it will make you feel so much lighter and as if there is less weighing you down ~ and of course will make your home look and feel so much clearer and lighter energetically to prospective buyers) According to Hawaiian Huna wisdom everything we own has acca threads (best thought of as fine threads like a spider spins but in etheric form) attaching us to them. We are literally energetically connected to everything we own. Down to the smallest object like an ornament or paperclip. Add to this the concept that anything we love uplifts us when we look at it but anything we hate or have negative associations with will pull our energy down when we look at it (like that jumper you got for Christmas from Aunt Hilda which you just can’t stand but feel too guilty to get rid of). Where attention goes energy flows and when you really stop to think about these concepts they have huge implications!
    • Minimalist approach is best! Remember that when prospective buyers view a house they are not interested in how you have decorated it or your furnishings, they are superimposing their couch, their table and chairs, their pictures on the walls. Therefore it’s important to have the place as tidy as possible with as much countertops showing and looking as minimalist as possible. Even if this means you putting away your favorite ornaments in a box for viewings this will help (ornaments are so individualized and just because you love them doesn’t mean everyone else will!)
    • If you are going to re decorate (which may be a good idea to freshen things up) choose very neutral colors and at all costs avoid using bright or strong colors or anything that you would choose for you. This is because color preference is a very individual thing and a strong color could be enough to put off a person who isn’t able to get past it and see the potential of your house. By choosing neutral colors it is less likely to offend anyone and they can use it as a blank canvas to imagine their favorite colors in certain places. I also add flower essences to my paint when re decorating. The Alaskan flower essences have a set of sacred sprays to purify and cleanse and I added some of these to paint when re decorating an old attic in a school building I once taught in, to great results. It had felt very creepy and everyone commented they hated going in there but after it was repainted this feeling disappeared and it felt okay to go in there after that.
    • Sew seeds of goodwill for the new owners (even if you don’t know them or don’t even have them yet!) A dear friend of mine gave me this idea when she arrived one day with a foxglove in her arms for the new owners-to-be and proceeded to plant it in the flowerbed at the entrance to the place we had just put up for sale. It felt so good to think of sewing seeds, literally, for the new owners to enjoy in years to come. It’s also a powerful statement you are making to yourself, your intention and the universe that you mean what you say about wanting to move! And the universe does listen!
    • Finally, make sure you spend time daily energizing your heart’s desire ‘see’ yourself in your new dream house, imagine yourself there happy and fulfilled. As Abraham says this sends off a ‘rocket of desire’ and you will start moving towards achieving this goal. Most important is to get into a positive feeling state ~ emotionally feel how you will feel when this has manifested and spend time each day enjoying your future you, in your new home happy and content. And when you get there make sure you give thanks to the past you who acted upon this advice and helped you create your own reality!

I hope you have fun with this and that it has been helpful in some small way. Happy House Selling!